ArtPrize 2011

The evolving Heart Locker is based upon the European custom where sweethearts attach padlocks to a public fixture,
symbolizing their love by throwing away the keys and remaining linked together, happily ever-after.

All about healing the heart, this is an interactive sculpture where recollections are proclaimed with padlocks on an iron substrate.
Individual histories are not considered a nuisance here, but rather an exciting memorial,
symbolically connecting contributing hearts of today to a comforting memorial of tomorrow.

From humble country beginnings to a big City Art Gallery venue,
the invitation is open for everyone to participate in this evolving work of the community, for the community.
Lock up a memory and thank you for being part of the magic!

I recognize the handwriting!

Aww, thanks mom and dad, not only for all your support but also for giving me a firm foundation.

Proud to be up front and personal

City Art Gallery is at 1168 Ionia, easy access with shuttle routes nearby

Your interest behind the scenes is very much appreciated!