My home-away-from-home office is also a frame shop
where we get to do even more cool things.

I’ve always liked my monitor but love it even more since it’s been framed!

 Now when a client comes to proof their project,
it has all the respectability it deserves.

monitor front detail

 Simple and elegant for a beautiful view.

framed monitor back detail

Clean and clear with no distractions.

Shhh! And the secret is:
this will work for a flat-screen TV too!

2 thoughts on “Framed!”

    1. I simply wove some webbing through some side-release plastic buckles and stapled to the back of my frame. Placement and size of each will depend upon the individual application. To prevent fraying, don’t forget to burn the edges on the webbing before tucking under and stapling (TV monitors may require upholstery screws). It’s not necessary but for a fine, finishing touch, I ‘painted’ the staples black with a permanent marker (you know what artists always say about the back looking as good as the front). The most difficult thing about this project was assembling the materials, after that, it was a snap. Good luck and have fun personalizing your own!