FlatterWear™ Repurposed Jewelry

created exclusively with eye-catching FlatterWear™ jewelry.


Life may be like a box of silverware never knowing what you’re going to get,
but who knew the charm was at our fingertips all along?

Though we outgrew our ruby slippers long ago, the enchantment endures.

After all, it takes more than simply clicking our heels
to realize there is absolutely no place like home, right?

That old, blackened flatware, worked into a wearable shape
and polished until it glows is mighty mystical.

What other explanation is there for the allure that appears out of nowhere
from mundane eating utensils?

Now worn close at hand, we’re able to share grandma’s dinnerware anew.
Now it is appreciated while it fondly feeds and warmly nurtures our souls.

Me and my sister: this is what we’re doing together  –
Just .US, With Heirloom Flair


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Source: flatterwear.us | With Heirloom Flair