Wall Drawl ~ When it’s OK to Draw on Your Wall

Wall Drawl

What the heck is a Wall Drawl?
When it becomes OK to draw on a wall, silly.
Butterflies are freely flying the friendly skies all around us
and we’ve built our home to blend with its wooded countryside,
thus preserving their natural habitat.
        It’s always a joy to see that bit of color flit
                                                                                    on  a
                                                                                           soft, summer
so I couldn’t help but be inspired and want them around throughout the year.
But not too much.
            Just enough to surprise my eyes and make me smile.
 So out came the colored pencils and I began to draw on my bathroom wall.
          Just enough of an accent to call it a Wall Drawl.
Back in 1994, it felt so naughty, but after all these years, it still looks so nice.