A Mother’s Love

He came to me all curled up in a towel.Paper Plate Man proudly displays his archival lamination

He had paled throughout the years and was now very fragile. Lines, creases and age spots disguised his true significance .His extended thumbs appeared ready to shake hands, but his arms hung limply at his side. His shoes were carefully placed where his feet belonged, but his legs dangled from his extended torso. His eyes and nose weren’t exactly aligned, but that didn’t matter because he just beamed through a crooked smile from his round face. I swear; his thin, little spine even sported a pair of angel wings!

When he first arrived, I was taken aback and could only imagine what this mother had endured throughout the years. How had she kept him?
After all, not only was he delicately fragile, he was quite large.

Laid before me, she had carefully unwrapped him, calmly explained how he had come to her when she needed him most and asked me to laminate him.

 Huh?  You gotta be kidding!
Laminate nearly a four-foot length consisting of a concave paper plate,
rusty staples and thin, brittle note paper?

Although it was more within her budget, I knew that Mr. Paper Plate Man would never endure our cold mount process. He would surely be ruined and I didn’t even want to attempt it.

After describing how risky it would be to compress him between rollers, she quietly described to me how much he meant to her. Her now grown son had created Mr. Paper Plate Man and she wanted to preserve this precious paper to hang on her wall.

Since her conditions were that Mr. Paper Plate Man had to look the same on both sides, the alternative was our premium and archival heat mount, which would be a real challenge for me. I really didn’t think that she’d want to go to the extra expense,
but I guess it was worth it to her to challenge me.

 Moral of the story:
Never judge a job by its appearance.

At first glance, this project may have looked like trash, but, in the end, I was proud of it.
Getting it smooth and flat was only one of the difficulties,
placing the two laminates together was another.
Yet, when she picked up her ‘baby’,
the joy of a loving mother made the struggle rewarding and well worth the effort.