Laurel and Hardly

The funniest thing happened with our telephone book delivery.  It’s been years, but it was so entertaining that we still laugh about it.

Our building has a long, wide hall to the office area and gallery.  In it there are two access doors marked with individual signs.


So, this one, cold and snowy day,
these two ladies came in the Gallery entrance with stacks of phone books.

The bundled books they carried
couldn’t have been as cumbersome as they were themselves.

Thick coats, hats and scarves had to be hiding many sins.

The familiar ring of the door couldn’t hide their noisy voices.
Nor the offset rhythm of their over-sized boots as they shuffled in.

“Hey!  Did you get your phone books yet?”
one yelled while the other just chuckled.

Big smiles from the both of them
emphasized the teeth they lacked as one handed me a bundle.

With all the commotion, I couldn’t help but smile back.
And thanked them as they left,
out the same door in which they arrived.

You guessed it:
a few seconds later, the same thing through the other door.

“Hey!  Did you get your phone books yet?”

Standing in the same place,
I hadn’t even had a chance to sit back down,
but do you think she noticed?

Confused but not so dumb,
the other one was looking up and down and all around.

We could see the light go on
and the recognition in her eyes as she said, “Say!  This is the same place!”

“Huh? Whadya mean?” says the first.

“Lookee here, this is the same place as the last place we were in”, she declared.

And without another word, they stumbled out in complete unison.

We listened as they loudly deliberated over their newfound mystery.
And we watched as they pointed –
first this way, then that; all the way down the street.

Maybe you had to be there, but we remember them as Laurel and Hardly.