No Dumping

He appeared decidedly deranged as he No Dumping Sewer Coverwaved his arms over his head yelling

 We had never seen him before – who, what, where had this man come from?

he shouted even more loudly.

 “No,” I calmly explained, “we DO NOT DUMP, we have never dumped;
we dispose of everything according to the law.”

As I pointed to the exit and quietly told him that he was being disruptive,
he persistently ranted and raged all the way out the back door.

And then all was quiet … for a few weeks – until he reappeared with a vengeance.

This time it was obvious, as his wife frantically chased him around,
that he was disturbed in more ways than one.
During his nonstop tirade, he continued to shake her off and stubbornly refused to leave.

Talk about dumping – he smelled like a dump and looked like that’s where he came from!

It was so ironic because his Eau De BO
and unkempt appearance spoke volumes he apparently failed to notice;
all the while posing a major distraction, if not entertainment, to our customers.

His Mrs. was clearly embarrassed that he was so out of control,
but now understood the need of us having to file a police report as, together,
we gently escorted him out the door for the last time.

The reporting officer reassured us that he would not be back,
for he is our back-door neighbor and village officials knew him and his complaints very well.

The policeman was right, but each day as we drive by Mr. Rant’s house,
I can’t help but wish the best for him and his family.

As an eco-friendly Print Shop that consistently recycles,
a ‘dumping’ accusation is offensive
and each time I walk across the drainage cover out back,
I say a silent prayer for us all, even for our fresh water and all fishies in it.