Wanted PosterWe may be lowly printers, but we’re people too.

I seriously think there are customers that simply think of us as service providers and that is all.  They forget that, due to the fact that they hire us to do their (sometimes dirty) work,
that, in reality, we can make them look good or look bad. Many times it’s all too easy to simply do what we’re told just to get the job done, but if we catch it, we’ll always give the courtesy of correcting typos or fuzzy pictures.

However some superior beings have their noses so far up in the air, we can’t help but get a bit of pleasure when their attitudes catch up with them.

Which brings me to Ms. Hoity Toity who always needed her work done yesterday.
She wasn’t a regular reseller, but from what we could gather, she did the designs for her clients and had us do the printing.

One had to assume that her husband kept her well because the little we ever saw of her couldn’t keep her driving that expensive car and wearing all that flashy jewelry. Too busy to be sociable, she’d strut in on her stilettos and hurry out with a flip of her hair.

Then she was gone – for good, it seemed.

With a pre-paid job unclaimed for months, her client finally picked it up himself. For whatever reason, it was lucky he had paid direct because after so long, the truth finally came out. Seems everyone had the same opinion of Her Hoightness and word got out how she had embezzled BIG money from her full-time employer. Poor thing justified her actions due to her pending divorce and custody battle.

 Long story short, we still made her look good,
but now she lays low on probation while we enjoy her portrait.