Worm of Thought

 My day was almost done at the office when suddenly something smelled a bit fishy
and she walked in the door.

She said her son-in-law was opening a bait shop.
Which meant nothing to me, since I knew neither her nor her son-in-law.

She explained that she was working on a ‘project’.

Her angle was a door sign as a gift for his new business.
Could she could hook me into helping?
With ‘quick sign design’ on my mind, I was snagged
and said “Sure! Of course I’m happy to help.”

I was unconsciously reeled in as she self-consciously pulled her job from her bag.

It was obvious she had spent a lot of time preparing so I wanted her to be at ease.
We’re used to seeing ‘bad art’ here in the print shop
but this earthy project was a bit different.

I took one step back, looked a little closer and couldn’t help but smile.

OPEN worm sign - close upI couldn’t help but be impressed by her creativity, no matter how creepy it seemed.

She had taken real night crawlers,
formed them into letters and sewn them onto a cloth!

Just to clarify:
over and under, not through.

Yes, they were dead and yes, they were stinky and slimy.
Not slimy because they were dead,
but because of the preservative they had been in.

As in pickled worms.

In a haphazard sort of way, one cloth said OPEN and one spelled out CLOSED.

In Worm.

The rest of the story is about the scanning and restoration:
clarification, color correction, thread removal and basic worm wrangling.

Her prize catch is something to be proud of.
Not for the feint of heart but a definite keeper.

Worm Signs - OPEN CLOSED

Worm of Thought:
Allow yourself to be lured when the biting is good.
Let that little worm of an idea wriggle until it gets out.